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Old bike shop from 1892.
Stone walkway next to grass.
Stone walkway next to grass.
Cruiser bike from Huffy in 1969.
Cruiser bike from Huffy in 1969.
Close up on bike wheel and spokes from 1973.
A group of three young boys sitting on Huffy bikes from 1979.
American flag waving and rippling in the wind from 1984.
Young girl on a Huffy scooter from 1995.
A row of Huffy Sliders in a garage from 2002.
A women leaning up against a Huffy Crusier from 2010.
An abstract photo of containing whisps and circles from 2012.
A women walking on a street next to a Huffy bike from 2013.


The very first Huffy bicycle was manufactured at George P. Huffman’s sewing machine company in Dayton, Ohio.

Old bike shop where the first Huffy bike was built in 1892.
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    About Huffy

    You might have grown up with us. Or this might be your first time learning about our company and the rides we make. Either way, with Huffy, there is always something new to discover. Take a peek into our history, get to know our company, and get inspired by the innovative things we are doing to bring fun to trikes, bikes and scooters everywhere you ride.